I grew up in Sydney, Australia in a family that never went camping or on outdoors adventures.

Therefore, it came as somewhat of a surprise to discover bushwalking and camping in my mid 20’s and it fast became somewhat of an obsession.

Since then, I’ve become a leader with the Sydney Bush Walkers Club and the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad, an affiliate squad of the Volunteer Rescue Association.

The outdoors totally changed my life and I’m keen to share my knowledge and stories with others – hoping that they’ll catch the bug too!

When I’m not out in the bush, I can be found running a Production and Consultancy company based in Sydney, shooting in remote and logistically tricky locations such as jungles, volcanoes and on the high seas.

You can email me at lotsafreshair@gmail.com.

In July 2013, as an avid user of their products for over 10 years, I was delighted to be appointed a Macpac Ambassador.



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Cora, we had such a nice hike to Orange Bluff this weekend – and it was a real bonus that we bumped into you! GREAT blog, I have only just unpacked, ordered a takeway and already read most posts… and learned so much! Nice to have a chick hike blog to refer to… thanks!

    • Great to meet you and your lovely family too!

      So glad you enjoyed Orange Bluff, our adventures went well too with such lovely weather and just a small amount of scratchy scrub. Can’t wait to jump onto your blog and read about Hobbits in Tasmania! So glad you’ve found some useful things here…

      I look forward to reading about your adventures with a dehydrator! 😉

  2. I also grew up in a family that avoided nature but grew up to love it anyway. Funny how that can happen. Although we are on different continents I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  3. The air is fresh, and your attitude refreshing. I always look forward to new articles by you about Australia bushwalking. I have a relative in Sydney, and your articles put more flesh on the bones of Australia. I recently sent Lynne the article about the Blue Mtns, and supporting the folks there after the fires. She really appreciated them, and though I am in the States, and not likely to make it there myself, she will probably be making a trip that way with your encouragement!

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